Cathy Furlani, NP, MSN, OCN

Cathy Furlani, NP, MSN, OCN

2012 Honoree

Nurse Practitioner, Gillette Center for Breast Cancer

Patients at the Mass General Cancer Center’s Gillette Center for Breast Cancer adore Cathy Furlani, RN, NP, MSN, OCN, a senior nurse practitioner with a beautiful smile and a seemingly boundless capacity to help others — colleagues and patients alike.

“Despite her demanding schedule,” writes Beverly Moy, MD, MPH, “Cathy is among the first to volunteer when a need comes up. She takes meticulous care of our patients and is loved by everyone on our team.”

“Cathy has a tremendous impact as a caregiver, mentor to junior practitioners and go-to person to help solve any problem,” writes Steven Isakoff, MD, PhD. “She has an incredible combination of outstanding clinical acumen and skill, a compassionate and caring rapport with patients, strong team spirit and an ability to rise to whatever challenge faces her. As a result, our patients receive the best care in the world.

“Because Cathy is able to juggle so many things so well, she is often asked to take on additional responsibilities and work. She also keeps a fully stocked drawer of emergency chocolates on hand for us. This makes her office a meeting place, which is fitting given her central role in our group.”

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