George  R. Lillie, RN

George R. Lillie, RN

2013 Honoree

Staff Nurse, Yawkey 8

George Lillie, RN, an Infusion Unit nurse at the Mass General Cancer Center, is an uplifting presence for patients and colleagues alike.

“Although George was not part of my daughter’s oncology team,” writes Celia Carroll, “he often visited with her during her year of chemotherapy. On a bad day, a visit from George, even for a minute or two, would greatly lift her spirits. I overheard a colleague say, ‘‚Everyone needs a daily dose of George.’ He possesses an incredibly caring spirit. He will always be in our hearts.”

Another mother, Karen Santilli, writes, “George made sure my daughter was comfortable during her treatments. His warmth and laughter were our best medicine, encouraging our hope and perseverance.”

“George always makes a bad day good,” adds Paul Carroll. “George helped my daughter through rough times in her treatment by being a friend.”

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