Kevin  S. Oh, MD

Kevin S. Oh, MD

2013 Honoree

Radiation Oncologist

Kevin Oh, MD, is a radiation oncologist at the Mass General Cancer Center. An expert in treating patients with brain and spinal tumors, Dr. Oh provides care to individuals with often debilitating or incurable medical conditions.

Dr. Oh spends a great deal of time with each patient to develop a relationship built around trust, education and compassion. He makes it a priority to help patients understand the complexities of their treatment, which he administers with relentless attention to their comfort and safety.

Also a gifted teacher and mentor, Dr. Oh is loved by the residents who work with him. He takes every opportunity to help them develop their knowledge as well as their capacity to relate to patients. After two years as an attending physician, Dr. Oh received a residency-wide award for excellence in education.

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