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Created and supported by the Mass General Cancer Center, the one hundred is an awareness and fundraising initiative that celebrates hope in the cancer community.


Everyday Amazing

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Each year, we honor 100 Everyday Amazing individuals and groups who are changing how we fight cancer in inspiring and often revolutionary ways. Read their stories.
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Jones, Quincy

Quincy Jones Advocate | 2016

McDonnell, Nicolette

Nicolette McDonnell, NP Caregiver | 2016

McGuire, Ryan

Ryan McGuire Philanthropist | 2016

Solder, Nate

Nate Solder Advocate | 2016

Begg, John and Karine

John and Karine Begg Philanthropist | 2016

Carey, Bob

Bob Carey Philanthropist | 2016


The Samfund Philanthropist | 2016

Sig Adler Fund

Sig Adler Lung Cancer Research Fund Philanthropist | 2016

Brown, Diem

Diem Brown Advocate | 2016

Wilkerson, Reg and Trina

Trina and Reggie Wilkerson Philanthropist | 2016

Graubert, Timothy

Timothy A. Graubert, MD Researcher | 2016

Golson and Rawls

Tammy Golson Fallon and Lauri Rawls Advocate | 2016

Hudon Family

Mary, Jessica and Jennifer Hudon Philanthropist | 2016

Daige, Jonathan

Jonathan Daige Philanthropist | 2016

Bertucci, John and Claire

Claire and John Bertucci Philanthropist | 2016

Sarafin, Suzanne

Suzanne Sarafin Philanthropist | 2016

Benz, Edward

Edward J. Benz Jr., MD Researcher | 2016

Noll, Francesca

Francesca Noll, RTT Caregiver | 2016


LUNGstrong Philanthropist | 2016

MacGregor, Lara

Lara MacGregor Volunteer | 2016

Hacohen, Nir

Nir Hacohen, PhD Researcher | 2016

Crosby, James

James G. Crosby Philanthropist | 2016

McDowell, Emily

Emily McDowell Advocate | 2016

Mullally, Sean

Sean Mullally, MD Caregiver | 2016

Sellers, William

William R. Sellers, MD Researcher | 2016

Murphy, Mary Jo

Mary-Jo Murphy, MS, RN, CDE Advocate | 2016

Powers, Jennifer

Jennifer Powers, NP Caregiver | 2016

Central Maine Medical Center Radiation Therapists

Central Maine Medical Center Radiation Therapists Caregiver | 2016

McKeith, Stephanie

Stephanie McKeith Advocate | 2016

Wedel, Suzanne

Suzanne Wedel, MD Philanthropist | 2016

Whetstine, Johnathan

Johnathan Whetstine, PhD Researcher | 2016

Jones Hickey, Jennifer

Jennifer Jones Hickey Philanthropist | 2016

Murphy, Ann

Ann Murphy, PhD Advocate | 2016

McMahon, Andrew

Andrew McMahon Philanthropist | 2016

Brunelle, Cheryl

Cheryl Brunelle, PT, MS, CCS, CLT Caregiver | 2016

Kwak, Eunice

Eunice Kwak, MD, PhD Caregiver | 2016

Pazdur, Richard

Richard Pazdur, MD Researcher | 2016

Finn, Commissioner

Joseph E. Finn Advocate | 2016

Hurtado, Octavio

Octavio Hurtado Researcher | 2016

Allen, Jill

Jill Allen, MD Caregiver | 2016

Deveau, Nicolette

Nicolette Deveau Philanthropist | 2016

Coz, Fernando

Luis Fernando Coz Cañas, MD Caregiver | 2016

Wynters, Kathy

Kathy Wynters Philanthropist | 2016

Ting, David

David T. Ting, MD Researcher | 2016

Shertenlieb, Mary and Rich

Mary and Rich Shertenlieb Advocate | 2016

Hepp, Rachel

Rachel Hepp Researcher | 2016

Swift, Gerald

Gerald Swift Advocate | 2016

Morse, Allie

Allie Morse Advocate | 2016

Shellito, Paul

Paul Shellito, MD Caregiver | 2016

Fathers Forever

Fathers Forever Advocate | 2016

Dooley, Catherine

Catherine Dooley Advocate | 2016

Gillman, Jenn

Jenn Gilman Advocate | 2016

Corcoran, Ryan

Ryan Corcoran, MD, PhD Researcher | 2016

Topalian, Suzanne

Suzanne L. Topalian, MD Researcher | 2016

Jessop, Nick

Nicholas Jessop Researcher | 2016

Branfman, Steven 3

Steven Branfman Philanthropist | 2016

Mathew, Premi

Premi Mathew Advocate | 2016

Ceres Community Project

Ceres Community Project Volunteer | 2016

Hughes, Kevin

Kevin S. Hughes, MD Caregiver | 2016

Magic Yarn Project

The Magic Yarn Project Volunteer | 2016

Gainor, Justin

Justin Gainor, MD Researcher | 2016

Bjork, David

Dave Bjork Advocate | 2016

Sullivan, Laura

Laura Sullivan, RN Caregiver | 2016

Sheridan, Kimberly

Kimberly Sheridan Advocate | 2016

Tarabelli, Carl

Carl Tarabelli Philanthropist | 2016

Kastrinakas, William

William V. Kastrinakis, MD Caregiver | 2016

O'Shea, Sally

Sally O’Shea Volunteer | 2016

Townsend, Shelly

Shelley Townsend, RN Caregiver | 2016

Moments House

Moments House Advocate | 2016

Driscoll, Jessica

Jessica P. Driscoll, NP Caregiver | 2016

Fuller, Teri

Teri Fuller Advocate | 2016

Frithsen, Carl

Carl Frithsen, RN Caregiver | 2016

Rosato, Erika

Erika Rosato, RN, OCN, NE-BC, MHA Caregiver | 2016

Goldberg, Rabbi

Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg Advocate | 2016

Camp Casco

Camp Casco Volunteer | 2016

Brastianos, Priscilla

Priscilla Brastianos, MD Caregiver | 2016

Jordan Ruboy Compassionate Care Fund

The Jordan S. Ruboy, MD, Compassionate Care Fund Philanthropist | 2016

Lebovitz, Susan and Freeman, Beth

Susan Chaityn Lebovits and Beth Freeman Advocate | 2016

Milligan, Deric

Deric Milligan Philanthropist | 2016

Arcikowski, Lisa

Lisa Arcikowski, NP Caregiver | 2016

Wo, Jennifer

Jennifer Wo, MD Caregiver | 2016

Waite, Sally

Sally Waite Philanthropist | 2016

Survivors by the Sea

Survivors by the Sea Volunteer | 2016

Lamkin, Nathaniel

Nathaniel Lamkin, LICSW, ACHP-SW Caregiver | 2016

Fitzgerald, Liam

Liam Fitzgerald Philanthropist | 2016

Farley Family

The Farley Family Philanthropist | 2016

Doppke, Karen

Karen Doppke, MS, DABR Caregiver | 2016

Casey, Devyn

Devyn Casey Philanthropist | 2016

Austen, Jay

William Gerald (Jay) Austen Jr., MD Caregiver | 2016

Amrein, Philip

Philip C. Amrein, MD Caregiver | 2016

Berman, Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Berman Caregiver | 2016

Berry, Maggie and Mooney, James

Maggie Berry and James Mooney Philanthropist | 2016

Breast Cancer Alliance

Breast Cancer Alliance Philanthropist | 2016

Fitzgerald, Jennifer

Jennifer Fitzgerald Caregiver | 2016

Johnson, Natasha

Natasha Johnson, MSW, LICSW Caregiver | 2016

O'Hara, Honor

Honor O’Hara Caregiver | 2016

Silvius, Ellen

Ellen Murray Silvius, RN, BSN Caregiver | 2016

Worrell Family

The Worrell Family Philanthropist | 2016

Vu, Kenny

Kenneth Vu Caregiver | 2016

Baudanza, TJ

TJ Baudanza Philanthropist | 2016


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Through the one hundred we celebrate hope, inspire action, and can change how we fight cancer, together.


Your donations for this initiative go directly to the Mass General Cancer Center.


Funds raised through the one hundred support the Mass General Cancer Center, the leader in personalized medicine, early-detection technologies and innovative supportive care.

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Discoveries made at Mass General benefit cancer patients worldwide.

May 26, 2015

the one hundred gala

Each Spring, the one hundred celebrates 100 Everyday Amazing individuals and groups at a gala in Boston. The eighth annual gala was held on May 26, 2015, drawing 1,000 guests and raising nearly $2.1 million for the Mass General Cancer Center.

Join us on May 24, 2016 for another amazing celebration!

Through the one hundred we celebrate hope, inspire action and can change how we fight cancer, together.

Created and supported by the Mass General Cancer Center, the one hundred is an awareness and fundraising initiative that celebrates hope in the cancer community. Each year, we honor 100 everyday amazing individuals and groups – caregivers, researchers, philanthropists, advocates and volunteers from around the globe – whose commitment to the fight against cancer inspires us all to take action. Honorees are selected through a public nomination process and celebrated at a spring gala in Boston.

Funds raised through the one hundred support the Mass General Cancer Center, the leader in personalized medicine, early-detection technologies and innovative supportive care. Discoveries made at Mass General benefit cancer patients worldwide.

Whether you collect pennies, knit caps, fix wigs, whether you research cells, greet patients, perform life-saving surgeries or run a multimillion-dollar cancer center ... please know this: Cancer is hard and you make it easier. What you do every day matters, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing it.

Ann Murray Paige
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