Carlo Turavani

Volunteer | 2015

Carlo Turavani lost his childhood friend, Linda, to ovarian cancer at the age of 32. Before Linda died, she asked Carlo, a professional hairstylist, to find a way to improve the quality of wigs for future cancer patients.

The next year, Carlo began volunteering with the Look Good Feel Better program, which educates cancer patients on how to care for their skin and hair while undergoing treatment. The Ontario, Canada resident began furnishing wigs and hair prostheses to people suffering from hair loss across the Niagara Falls region.

Four years later, Carlo established the Canadian chapter of Wigs for Kids—the first nonprofit organization in Canada to provide hairpieces made of human hair for children suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatments and other medical conditions.

Carlo, now a certified cosmetic therapist, has taken care of thousands of cancer patients in a private salon he has customized to serve their special needs. He uses only non-toxic, chemical-free products because chemotherapy often makes patients sensitive to fragrances and chemicals.

“Carlo took care of my dad when he had lung cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy,” says Jason Efstathiou, MD, DPhil, a radiation oncologist at the Mass General Cancer Center. “My dad was a man of Greek origin and was very proud of his hair and his moustache. He was devastated at the idea of hair loss. It was an external confirmation of his illness and made him feel vulnerable. Carlo provided hope and humor while helping to restore my dad’s confidence and dignity.”

Carlo Turavani helps cancer patients look good – and feel better. Carlo and 99 other volunteers, philanthropists, advocates, caregivers and researchers were honored as part of the one hundred in 2015 for their commitment to changing how we fight cancer.

Created and supported by the Mass General Cancer Center, the one hundred is an awareness and fundraising initiative that celebrates hope in the cancer community. 

Carlo Turavani helps cancer patients look good – and feel better. Story told by Jordan Rich of The Jordan Rich Show on WBZ NewsRadio 1030. Visit to learn more and meet the rest of our honorees.

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