Keisha Cobb

Caregiver | 2014

Keisha Cobb, a staff coordinator in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Mass General, interacts with breast cancer patients during one of the most stressful times in their cancer experience: testing and diagnosis. Her efficient manner, coupled with a comforting and warm personality, ensures that patients feel safe and supported as they navigate uncertain territory. Over the course of the many visits patients make to the hospital during and after diagnosis, Keisha is a familiar and calming presence for all.

Recognized as a Patient Safety Star by the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization in 2013, Keisha is focused on patients’ emotional and physical wellbeing, making her a tremendous asset during each step of their treatment. By going above and beyond to provide a caring experience during a stressful time, Keisha eases patients’ anxiety and allows them to focus on the treatment she helps facilitate every day.

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