Luis Fernando Coz Cañas, MD

Caregiver | 2016

Luis Fernando Coz Cañas, MD, chair of the Urology Department at the Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile, initiated the referral of cancer patients to the Mass General Cancer Center, facilitating their access to lifesaving treatments.

What began as an informal partnership spearheaded by Dr. Coz has evolved into a formal program between the Mass General Center for Specialized Services and Clínica Universidad de los Andes, the Chilean university’s teaching hospital. Now, even more cancer patients from Chile will have the opportunity to benefit from novel targeted therapies and specialized care.

“The health care in Chile is very good, but some patients with complicated diagnoses need to be referred to other healthcare institutions,” says one nominator. “Dr. Coz is working to allow physicians at Mass General to provide second opinions and allow patients to easily be referred between Chile and Mass General.”

A member of the American, French and German Associations of Urology, Dr. Coz has served as the past president of the Chilean Society of Urology.

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