Susan Lake

Caregiver | 2012

Susan Lake has been an interfaith hospice chaplain for more than 20 years with various services, most recently the Visiting Nurses of Rhode Island. She works tirelessly helping individuals and families cope with their illnesses and mortality, creating peaceful environments in which her patients can die with dignity, and lending her heart, ears and hands to those who seek comfort in some of the most trying times in their lives. When Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, she continued to dedicate her time to others. Despite her own battle with cancer, Susan still thinks of others first, continuing to work through chemotherapy and pain. She has made a profound impact in the cancer community by being a pillar of strength for patients and their families as they try to cope with the reality of a terminal cancer diagnosis and teaching future physicians how to be compassionate providers who embrace hospice. Susan provides a warm, loving environment that adapts to any variety of religious backgrounds, faiths and beliefs.

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